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My name is Giles Thurston and I have what some describe as an unnatural obsession with running and multi-sport!I ran my first ultra marathon back in 2014, love trail running and heading out for long running adventures.Ultrarun.in charts my progress through the sport, my training, racing and general thoughts on the subject and the kit we use.Thanks for dropping by and I hope you find something of interest!

Develop a core strength habit to reduce injury and improve performance

I have long been a strong believer in including regular core and flexibility in your training programme, both as a way to prevent injury through improved joint strength and mobility but also as a way to increase performance. What is your Core? But what do we mean by core? When asked many will say that their core is their abdominals…

A Half Term Trail Run – Off Exploring The Fens

Its half term here in the UK and I’ve also taken the week off to be with the family. My wife was kind enough to give me a day pass to do my own thing and with the the weather bright and clear it seemed like the perfect opportunity to lace up the shoes and head off across the Fens…

The Road Ahead is Ultra Long and also a Little Confusing!

So what does the remainder of the year hold and more importantly what are my plans for 2015? Well the year has not ended well if I am honest, with one race being rescheduled and my A race being cancelled altogether.  To cap it all I then suffered issues with both my ITB and TFL in my right leg limiting…

So what is Sky Running?

So you’ve heard the term Sky Running but what actually is it? Well it’s an international series of running races held in the mountains, with most events having a VK or vertical kilometre – 1km of ascent in as short an amount of horizontal distance as possible, basically straight up! – a mountain marathon and ultra up to around 80km….

Next Ultramarathon in the diary – Peddars Way Ultra 2015

Well I talked about it for a while but I have finally pulled the trigger and entered the Peddars Way Ultra, at the end of January 2015!   With the loss of the Intrepid Duathlon from my race calendar, my training had lost all its focus and it feels good to get something booked in, all be it a while away…

A Tough Call but The Right One

Today I made the tough call to not start the Monster Half Marathon here in Ely. It was a difficult decision but definitely the right one for a number of reasons, not least the continuing injury. My decision was is in no way a reflection on the Monster Team and the great races they put on but as my Autumn…

In search of that elusive ITB and TLF stretch

As you may have see from Twitter and Facebook, the end of my 2014 season has hit a few speed bumps. First a couple of races were either rescheduled or cancelled altogether, the later being my A race for 2014 so am obviously extremely disappointed. Things went from bad to worse however when I started to get some knee pain….

Race Report: Grimreaper 40 Mile Ultramarathon, August 2014

This has been a while coming but with the launch of this site I thought it important that I included a race report from my first ever Ultra marathon, the 40 mile Grimreaper Ultra. It’s also worth sharing a little bit of background to my decision to enter the ultra marathon and the training and preparation, or lack there of,…

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