Like most athletes, I have constant changing plans and dreams, mostly limited by family and work commitments, physical fitness and injuries and finances. On this page I will try to keep you up to date with the races I have planned, have completed and those that are on my radar for “some point” in the future!

Upcoming Races

I always like to have a few races booked in the calendar to keep me focussed.  Below is the current list:

  1. Jurassic Coast Challenge – March 2019
  2. The Berghaus Dragons Back Race – May 2019

Previous Race Reports

Below are links to the races I have completed and published reports on here on the site, with most recent first.  Enjoy!

  1. Montane Lakeland 100 – July 2018
  2. HEINEKEN Race to The Tower – June 2018
  3. Lakeland 100 DNF – July 2017
  4. The Pennine Barrier 50 – June 2017
  5. LDWA Winter Poppyline – February 2017
  6. The Montane Spine Challenger – January 2017
  7. Lakeland 100 – July 2016
  8. The Fellsman – April 2016
  9. Peddars Way Ultra – January 2016
  10. Kings Forest 50km – October 2015
  11. The Cumbria Way Ultra – September 2015
  12. Norfolk 100km – June 2015
  13. Hardmoors 55 – March 2015
  14. Peddars Way Ultra Marathon – January 2015
  15. Ely New Years Eve 10km – December 2014
  16. Grimreaper 40 mile Ultramarathon – August 2014

Bucket list

We all have one of these, in one shape or another and below are the races/events I would love to have a crack at some point in the future.   Its a constantly evolving list so feel free to pop by and have a look from time to time.

So and in no particular order of priority, the current list includes the following:

  1. Cape Wrath Ultra
  2. Ultra-Trail Snowdonia
  3. Tor des Geants
  4. The Spine Race
  5. The hundred-mile grand slam by Centurion Running
  6. Any of the UK Skyrunning races but especially The Glencoe Skyline!
  7. A number of the UK mountain marathons, including but not limited to The OMM, The LAMM,
  8. Lavaredo Ultra Trail
  9. Ultra Tour Monte Rosa
  10. UTMB PTL
  11. Ring of Fire

Am I missing anything or do you have a race suggestion for me to look at?  Let me know through the comments below.