A few weeks back I alluded to a difficult decision that I needed to make in relation to the Coast to Coast Sportive next June (2015).  Well I have finally made it and have subsequently withdrawn from this sportive!

This was by no means an easy decision, as its a sportive I have wanted to do for years and the opportunity to do it with a group of mates was extremely attractive.  However once I pulled together my other race plans for 2015, it became clear that it would be tricky to accommodate the training required for the coast to coast alongside the ultra running, without a significant impact on both family and work time.

The decision was ultimately an obvious one but it was still with a heavy heart that I hit the refund request button and informed my friends of my choice.   On a positive note I can now look forward to 2015 with a clear focus, allowing me to build a training programme that minimises the impact on family time, while still giving me the best chance to achieve my potential in my remaining races.  

I will still be using my bike next season. Firstly as part of The Battlefield Long Course Duathlon which I have coming up in March, however after this it will primarily be for cross training purposes, with maybe another duathlon or sportive later in the year if time allows.

Now the decision has been made, I admit I am much happier with my race plans for next year and there will be more on my training plans for 2015 in the coming weeks.