Labelled as Britons most brutal race, The Montane Spine Race see’s athletes racing all 268 miles of the Pennine Way non-stop during The UK winter.  Next year (2015), Summit Fever Media have committed to filming the event but have also asked for public funding to allow them to extend their coverage and obviously improve the film.

Simply put it is the story of Britain’s most brutal race.  Follow the athletes as they get to grips mentally and physically with The Spine Race 2015, as they learn to cope with sleep deprivation, the threat of hypothermia, the highs and lows, experience the incredible & unique camaraderie, the relationships that develop and the life changing experience, which is The Spine Race.

(Via. The Montane Spine Race Film 2015 | Indiegogo)

As a real sucker for a good film or documentary about ultra running, this sounds like an excellent project and I am already really looking forward to seeing its outcome.

Working with their sponsors, Summit Fever have come up with some great sponsorship packages, many of which include getting your name as thanks in the film credits. This is an iconic race, which I would love to do in the future.  If you can spare some money to help fund this project then do, as it’s definitely a worthwhile project in my opinion.

Below is the trailer Summit Fever have put together with further information. Be sure to check out their fundraising website for more information on how you can get involved and the various packages on offer.