Welcome to my training report for week commencing 10th November 2014. Part of a series of weekly reports, briefly summarising my training during that week and plans for the following week. You will find the vast majority of my workouts published through my Strava, Runkeeper and Movescount accounts. Where applicable I have provided direct links to specific workouts on Strava below, should you wish to see more detail on them.

OK so lets get into it…

Last week (commencing 10th November 2014)

As mentioned in last weeks report, I had a small surgical procedure on Wednesday afternoon which required enforced rest from training for at least the remainder of the week. The aim for the week was therefore to load in some training ahead of Wednesday afternoon, using a back to back to back set of runs over 36 hours, with a target distance of 50km, bringing the total run mileage for the previous 10 days to 115km or just over 70 miles. I could then use the time off as recovery, minimising the downtime and impact on overall run fitness.


Ten mile run by torchlight, Ely

First of three runs into the op, starting with an easy ten mile circuit of Ely. Mainly on road but with a few off road bits chucked in for good measure. Focus on keeping HR beneath 140bpm and cadence around 90. No aches or pains.


Lunchtime Easy Run, Ely

Day before procedure, so easy lunchtime run to get the miles in. Mainly off road at conversational pace with work colleague. Significantly more mud that expected on return leg led to slower pace than usual. Had the beginnings of a head cold but felt fine while running, cold air helping to clear the head.

Also included a full core and flexibility session in the evening for one hour.


Pre Dawn 24km Run, Ely

3rd back to back run in 36 hours, topping out at just over 50km total running ahead of weeks break. Poor sleep and tired legs made it slow work today but pushed on through to reach target across mix of roads and trails. Ran with race vest, carrying and drank 1 litre of water and 2 Nakd bars for fuel. Now stretch, refuel and compression ahead of time off.

Rest of week

Rest and recover from operation

Weekly summary:

5 hours and 44 minutes of training, with a TSS of 435.8 and total distance of 51.2km broken down as follows:

  • Run: 51.2km in 4h 43m
  • Cycle: None
  • Swim: None
  • Core work: 1h 1m

Plan for next week (commencing 17th November 2014)

So the plan was to rest for at least a week before returning slowly to running. Swim and bike would need to wait at least two weeks. However, following procedure I was told I should take 2 weeks off all sporting activity, so the plan for this week will basically be to do nothing!

Will play it by ear but as I write this (Saturday) I am pretty sore, so am expecting to do nothing. Will use the time to plan my training blocks into Peddars Way Ultra at the end of January and also finalise race plans for 2015.

I will be back next week with what is likely to be a very short update on how it went and plan for the next training block.