Welcome to my training report for week commencing 17th November 2014. Part of a series of weekly reports, briefly summarising my training during that week and plans for the following week. You will find the vast majority of my workouts published through my StravaRunkeeper and Movescount accounts. Where applicable I have provided direct links to specific workouts on Strava below, should you wish to see more detail on them.

OK so lets get into it…

Last week (commencing 17th November 2014)

Well this is going to be pretty short and sweet to be honest, in that I managed a grand total of zero training this week, with the small exception of 100 press-ups, 50 squats and 50 calf raises this morning (23rd November)!

As predicted in last weeks report, recovery from my surgical procedure has been slow and I’ve been in no position to do any training at all.  Swelling and bruising has reduced a lot and I am not far from being able to run comfortably. I am therefore confident that all being well, I should be able to start a small amount training in the coming week.

Plan for next week (commencing 24th November 2014)

I am hopeful I can start running this week from Wednesday and I’ll be playing it by ear and seeing how the body feels before I push it.  The plan is for an easy 5km run on Wednesday, followed by two 10km runs later in the week, if the body allows it.  No cycling or swimming at all but I will be introducing the core work back in slowly, with the aim to be back on the usual daily schedule the week after.

So slow and steady is the phrase of the week.  I will be back next week with an update as to how it has been and the plan for the next training block.  Wish me luck!