My 2015So here are my goals and aspirations for 2015!

I’ve consciously avoided the phrase New Years resolutions as this is not a list I plan to hit on 1st Jan and kill myself to tick off in its entirety. Rather I see this more as a work in progress for the year, maybe think of it as Giles Thurston Limited’s Business Plan for 2015?

Some items are sure to fall by the wayside and others will be added as the year progresses but it’s kind of fun to get these things down on paper and come back to it and see how I did at the end of the year.

As this site is all about ultra running and endurance sport there is no apology for the obvious bias there. While there are loads of things I could have put down, I’ve tried to keep it focussed by coming up with a number of categories and limiting myself to just three goals and aspirations within each.

So time to stop the waffle, my 2015 goals and aspirations are as follows:

Endurance Sport

  1. Run an official race at all the major distances – 5km, 10km, 10 miles, 30km, 20 miles, marathon and ultra – preferably on trail!
  2. Gain enough UTMB points to give me the option of submitting a UTMB CCC application for 2016 or 2017
  3. Time to get my wetsuit wet again by doing at least one triathlon in 2015!


  1. Be consistent with my training – aim for 3xrun, 1xbike and 1xswim sessions per week with proper periodisation across the year.
  2. Get back into my daily and weekly core and strength routines, which I’ve let slip since my op – bad Giles!
  3. Run 2015km in 2015

Health and Nutrition

A big thing for me this year is to gain a better understanding of nutrition generally and look to improve both mine and my families where we can. Some specific goals for me though are:

  1. Cut out the evening binges which are where I really fall down, especially when tired or stressed
  2. Reduce the amount of high sugar products that I eat, such as chocolate and cakes
  3. Get more sleep!


  1. Ensure my lovely long suffering wife has an amazing 40th birthday!
  2. Put aside one day a week which is all about family time and do something fun with it and not chores!
  3. Reduce my stress levels and become a better husband and father

  1. Write at least one weekly blog article, in addition to my weekly training report
  2. Increase my readership through more effective use of social media
  3. Do a podcast!

Well that’s it! Roll on 2015 and let’s see how we do. Happy new year one and all!