Welcome to my training report for week commencing 24th November 2014. Part of a series of weekly reports, briefly summarising my training during that week and plans for the following week. You will find the vast majority of my workouts published through my StravaRunkeeper and Movescount accounts. Where applicable I have provided direct links to specific workouts on Strava below, should you wish to see more detail on them. OK so lets get into it…

Last week (commencing 24th November 2014)

As mentioned in last weeks report, I had a small surgical procedure a couple of weeks ago requiring two weeks complete rest from all training.  This week, from Wednesday, marked the end of that period so the aim was to see how body felt and build run mileage slowly with a couple of easy core sessions thrown in for good measure.

Monday and Tuesday

Continue with rest and recovery!


Evening run around Liverpool Docks

Evening run around Liverpool Docks

Docklands Circuit, Liverpool

2 weeks since operation and now have all clear to run. Have left it for two weeks even though felt up to it earlier just to be 100% sure. Headed out for 5 km easy run, felt so good kept going to 10 km, returning to the hotel with no ill effects. Now just to see how body reacts. Great to be out running again!


Quick core and flexibility session in hotel room, 2 times through the 7 minute workout


Liverpool runaround

Final morning in Liverpool and second run back. Nice and easy, pushing the distance on from last run. Legs felt quite tight early on but eased through run and after quick stretch at 3km.


Tempo loop, Ely

Runs felt good this week, so changed easy 8km to old favourite, the 3km tempo loop. Easy 3km warm up with some strides to get legs moving and then hit 3km tempo session, with first stretch uphill. Felt good and pleased to be able to hold 4min pace around. Nice easy 2km back home for wine and stretch.


Quick core session, half usual amount but time and energy lacking today

Weekly summary:

3 hours and 21 minutes of training, with a TSS of 290.5 and total distance of 31.7km broken down as follows:

  • Run: 31.7km in 2h 38m
  • Cycle: None
  • Swim: None
  • Core work: 0h 43m

Plan for next week (commencing 1st December 2014)

The plan for this week is to continue to build the run mileage, while also introducing the swim and bike back in.


  • 16km trail run


  • Endurance turbo session


  • Lunchtime swim session


  • Easy 10km run, mostly road


  • 20km run including some hill work




  • Pyramid turbo session

So that’s  the plan!  Feel free to follow my progress through my StravaRunkeeper or Movescountaccounts.  Will be back next week with an update on how it went and plan for the next training block.