Sunset over The South Downs Way

Sunset over The South Downs Way

Rather than ramble on I’ve decided to keep this post pretty short and to the point.

As I outlined in my review of last year, I fell way short of the objectives I wrote for 2015. With a busy year coming up work wise – new job! – I’ve decided to cut the list back a little, to give me a fighting chance off completing it, while also still having time for my family and the rest that life throws at us.

So here we go, my 2016 goals and aspirations are as follows:

Endurance Sport

  1. Run my first one hundred mile ultra marathon
  2. Run my first multi-day race
  3. Integrate cross training back into my schedule. Time to get back on my bike and into the pool?
  4. Run 2016 miles in 2016! I fell short of this last year but a more consistent year should see me over the line by December 2016.

Health, Nutrition and Family

These were all in my list last year but I still need to work much harder at them, so have rolled them over into 2016:

  1. Cut out the evening binges which are where I really fall down, especially when tired or stressed
  2. Reduce the amount of high sugar products that I eat, such as chocolate and cakes
  3. Get more sleep!
  4. Work at reducing my stress levels and become a better husband and father

Well that’s it! Bring on 2016 and let’s see how we do. Happy new year one and all!