I’m really pleased to announce that my article looking at the head torch options available for runners from Petzl has now been published on the MyOutdoors.co.uk website. This is an article I’ve been working on for some time now but since joining the MyOutdoors Trail Running Team back in the summer, I am delighted to be able to share my thoughts there.

In this review I look at the Petzl Nao, Myo, Tikka RXP and finally e+Lite, and highlight the pro’s and con’s of each device as a runner. I should note that these are all devices I’ve purchased myself and have not been provided by Petzl, so hopefully you are getting my impartial thoughts in this article.

So with the clocks going back, if you’re in the market for a new head torch to make the most of the winter trails, then head over to MyOutdoors.co.uk and check out my recommendations.