As you will know by now, I am a sucker for taking photographs during my races. One thing is for sure, if the race is going well and I’m in high spirits there will be plenty of photos, if its not then there will be none. On that basis, as I look through my photos after a race it’s very obvious where the highs and lows occurred. Based upon the gaps in my photos from The Montane Spine Challenger, this race was no exception.

As I briefly outlined in my initial thoughts after the race, this was a difficult race for me both mentally and physically. Not exactly the textbook example of race prep and execution that’s for sure! That combined with the fact that two thirds of the race was run in the dark, means that unfortunately I’m a little lacking on the photo front for this race I’m afraid.

Fortunately my crew for the race, John Figiel, made up for this by getting plenty of shots whenever he saw me. The following photo diary is therefore a combination of our efforts, and hopefully gives you a little flavour of how the race unfolded and the experiences we had over the weekend.

Stay tuned for my full blow by blow race report, which should land in the next week or so.