In addition to my interview with LinkedFitness, I also had my first article published in Run Deep Magazine just before Christmas, all about my struggles with injury during 2017 and the lessons I have learned as a result.

Below is a short exert from that article. To read the full version, then head over to Run Deep magazine, where you can purchase the December 2017 issue for just 99p.

Run Deep Feature: What I’ve learned about injury

Run Deep Feature ArticleInjury is an ever present risk for all athletes, regardless of ability, and something we live in constant fear of. Like many I have always been proactive to try to protect myself, being diligent with my core work, doing something almost everyday. I had avoided injury for a number of years and thought I had the perfect formula, I was bullet proof, invincible almost. And then injury struck!

It started back in March as soreness in my lower abdomen. It had no impact on my running gait or speed, so I figured it was just a minor abdominal strain and that I was fine to push on.

As the weeks passed it did not settle and eventually by May it was uncomfortable when I ran. This was not a good sign, so I did what every self respecting runner would do and consulted Dr Google.

All indications pointed to a possible sports hernia, which didn’t sound compatible with a race calendar incorporating three races each well in excess of a hundred miles.

A few physiotherapy sessions later and I found myself sitting with a sports consultant, who was recommending an MRI. I was due to run the Pennine Barrier ultra that weekend and as there is nothing like fifty hilly miles to aggravate an injury and make it easier to spot, I was given the green light to race and had my MRI booked for the following week.

While the race went extremely well, the scan highlighted osteitis pubis or inflammation of the bone marrow in the front of the pelvis to you and me. Rest was the only thing that would fix this but with Lakeland 100 now just seven weeks away, this wasn’t something that fitted with my plans. My consultant was supportive and with reassurances that I would rest after the race, I left the office with a tentative green light to continue running.

I was full of confidence after the great result the weekend before and as my first recovery run progressed my legs slowly eased. It was as I turned for home that disaster struck!

To read the full article, please head over to Run Deep Magazine and pick-up the December 2017 issue.

A small favour please

If you have a spare few more minutes, can I point you towards the RunUltra Blogging Awards 2018 please, where for the third year running I have been lucky enough to be selected for the final shortlist? I am sure I speak for all the great runners and writers on that list when I say, we would be extremely grateful if you could spare a few minutes and vote for your favourite. While I of course hope this is Giles Thurston /, all are worthy winners and deserve your vote.

Also, while we are on the subject of voting, I am also on the list for the upcoming Running Awards. You have until early January 2018 to log your vote and you will find listed the blog category. There are plenty of other great blogs on the list, plus loads of other categories to vote in as well. I and all the other entrants would be grateful for you support.

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