Well, here we go. At 7am on Monday, I start the biggest mountain race of my running career, The Dragons Back race, covering 315km over five days down the spine of Wales.

I’ve struggled to write any meaningful pre-race thoughts all week, as this is a race that both excites and terrifies me in equal measure. For years I’ve wanted to attempt this journey and 2019 is finally the year.

What the outcome will be, I have no idea. All I can do is take it a day at a time and enjoy the journey whatever it may bring. This is not a race but a personal challenge and having fun and reaching the finish on Friday are the only goals I have in mind.

For those that would like to follow my progress, you can do so using the tracking website. I am race number 434.

So that is it. All that is left now is to start my journey towards Wales, Conwy and the start line on Monday. Wish me luck, I suspect I will need a healthy dose of that next week 😁