Giles Thurston

Giles – not running!

My name is Giles Thurston, I am based in Ely, Cambridgeshire UK and am married with two young boys.  I am a certified British Triathlon Coach (Level 2) and also hold a variety of outdoor education qualifications which I have amassed over the years.  Professionally I work in web technologies, with a particular focus on Digital Heath.

I was never a keen or successful sportsman while at school but thankfully things improved a little during my twenties. My first love was always mountains and so it was natural for my initial obsession to be in mountaineering, rock and alpine climbing. From here I developed an interest in rugby and mountain biking before finally ending up in Triathlon and multi-sport.

While I have raced in and enjoyed big races such as half marathons and triathlons over the years, I have found the high numbers of athletes involved make these events feel a little claustrophobic, taking the edge off the overall experience for me. Over time this, combined with my love of both mountains and running in general, has slowly drawn me towards trail running and ultra running.

I’ve found that with both trail and ultra running you typically race in some beautiful and remote locations, experience these environments up close and personal, generally with a small friendly group of athletes. Trail and ultra running has felt like such a great fit for me. charts my progress through the sport, my training, racing and general thoughts on the subject and the kit we use.

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If you would like to find out more or chat about anything I write, then feel free to send me your thoughts through the comments section or contact form on the site.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you find something of interest!