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My name is Giles Thurston and I have what some describe as an unnatural obsession with running and multi-sport! I ran my first ultra marathon back in 2014, love trail running and heading out for long running adventures. Ultrarun.in charts my progress through the sport, my training, racing and general thoughts on the subject and the kit we use. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you find something of interest!

Race Report: Grimreaper 40 Mile Ultramarathon, August 2014

This has been a while coming but with the launch of this site I thought it important that I included a race report from my first ever Ultra marathon, the 40 mile Grimreaper Ultra. It’s also worth sharing a little bit of background to my decision to enter the ultra marathon and the training and preparation, or lack there of,…

One Door Closes and Another Opens

This year I turned forty and during 2013 searched high and low to find a landmark race that I could enter to mark this milestone in my life. For a while I assumed this would be a Half Ironman but just as I was about to hit the enter button Monster Racing launched a new event called The Intrepid Duathlon…

Treatment and Prevention of Common Running Injuries

We’ve all been there, niggling strain or slight twinge that we run through or keeps coming back time and time again.  This article provides a great overview to the 7 most common running injuries, what causes them, how to treat them and most importantly how to prevent them reoccurring.  

Strava = Fun but (potentially) Unfocussed Training

Now I love Strava as much as the next man but I have to say I am 100% in agreement with Andy on this one.  I have been a member of Strava for years and its really come on leaps and bounds, trying to move beyond their traditional cycling audience and embrace runners and triathletes. Their training tools are really good, especially the ability to design…

North Downs Way 50 Booked!

My 2015 race calendar is starting to take shape, having just booked my place on the North Downs Way 50.  I’ve heard great things about Centurion Running and their races, so am really looking forward to taking part next year. The North Downs Way 50 gives 2 UTMB qualification points.  I am also hoping to take part in the Stour Valley Path 100km in the summer for another 2…

Welcome and Introductions!

Welcome to my new website Ultrarun.in, where I plan to chart my exploits as an ultra runner, trail runner and multi-sport athlete and coach. Before we start, it would be rude not to introduce myself and provide a little background on who I am and how I ended up in this sport, so here goes! My name is Giles Thurston,…

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