Like most athletes, I have constant changing plans and dreams, mostly limited by family and work commitments, physical fitness and injuries and finances. On this page I will try to keep you up to date with the races I have planned, have completed and those that are on my radar for “some point” in the future!

Upcoming Races

I always like to have a few races booked in the calendar to keep me focussed.  Below is the current list:

  1. Lakeland 100 – July 2020

Previous Race Reports

Below are links to the races I have completed and published reports on here on the site, with most recent first.  Enjoy!

  1. The Berghaus Dragons Back Race – May 2019
  2. Jurassic Coast Challenge – March 2019
  3. Montane Lakeland 100 – July 2018
  4. HEINEKEN Race to The Tower – June 2018
  5. Lakeland 100 DNF – July 2017
  6. The Pennine Barrier 50 – June 2017
  7. LDWA Winter Poppyline – February 2017
  8. The Montane Spine Challenger – January 2017
  9. Lakeland 100 – July 2016
  10. The Fellsman – April 2016
  11. Peddars Way Ultra – January 2016
  12. Kings Forest 50km – October 2015
  13. The Cumbria Way Ultra – September 2015
  14. Norfolk 100km – June 2015
  15. Hardmoors 55 – March 2015
  16. Peddars Way Ultra Marathon – January 2015
  17. Ely New Years Eve 10km – December 2014
  18. Grimreaper 40 mile Ultramarathon – August 2014

Bucket list

We all have one of these, in one shape or another and below are the races/events I would love to have a crack at some point in the future.   Its a constantly evolving list so feel free to pop by and have a look from time to time.

So and in no particular order of priority, the current list includes the following:

  1. Tor des Geants
  2. The Spine Race
  3. Lavaredo Ultra Trail
  4. Ultra Tour Monte Rosa
  6. Classic British Rounds, such as the Bob Graham Round
  7. A whole host of personal running challenges or adventures

Am I missing anything or do you have a race suggestion for me to look at?  Let me know through the comments below.