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Race Report: Peddars Way Ultra Marathon 2016

As always to save those that aren’t interested the need to read my blow by blow account of the Buff sponsored Peddars Way Ultra 2016 by Positive Steps PT, here are the main highlights of the race: I finished the race in 7th place overall in a time of 07:38:09, smashing all my pre-race objectives and taking 1 hour 14…

Pre-race Thoughts Ahead of The 2016 Peddars Way Ultra

Well here we are once again. Its another year and I am staring down the barrel of my first race of 2016, The Peddars Way Ultra. Twelve months ago I had high hopes for this race but what happened was the total opposite, with quad issues and weather throwing a few curve balls to scupper my pre-race plans and objectives….

Race Report: Peddars Way Ultra Marathon, January 2015

As I sit and write this its two days since I ripped my page(s) from the book hanging from the sign post on the beach marking the end of The Peddars Way and turned for the last kilometre to the finish but still the race is burned vividly into my memory – what a race! For those that have been following my…

My Race Objectives for Peddars Way Ultra 2015

Well this time next week, all being well, I’ll have finished my second official ultra marathon, The Peddars Way Ultra. This is an important race for me, as it was a late entry onto my 2014(+) schedule to replace the cancelled race I’d hoped to celebrate my 40th year with. I’ve had a good build up and am happy with…