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Photo Diary of The Montane Spine Challenger 2017

As you will know by now, I am a sucker for taking photographs during my races. One thing is for sure, if the race is going well and I’m in high spirits there will be plenty of photos, if its not then there will be none. On that basis, as I look through my photos after a race it’s very…

Photographic Review of 2016

Happy new year everybody! Following on from my written review of 2016, I thought I’d do a quick look back at 2016, using the photographs I capturing while out running. For those that were here last year, you’ll remember I did a similar thing for 2015 and found it a really nice visual way to capture the year. In 2016…

Cover Photo Uncovered for Issue 5 of Ultra Magazine

Well I can’t believe it, the news and issue are finally out and I am totally stocked to see my photo from this years Fellsman as the cover of the latest issue of Ultra Magazine. I’ve known for a quite a while now but still didn’t quite believe it until the issue finally hit my door mat on Saturday morning….

So what is all this #ashmeiambassador stuff about?

What’s with all these photos with the #ashmeiambassador and why are you now taking photos of yourself? Both relevant questions for anybody following any of my social media accounts over the last week.  Well the short answer is that I have been short listed to be considered as a 2016 ambassador for the ashmei athletic apparel brand.   I am…