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Running Movies, Visualisations and Data Fun

I’ve been playing around with the Movie feature on Suunto Movescount, which will take the GPS track data you’ve recorded and combine this with videos, photos and text you’ve uploaded, to create a short video of your adventure. A bit of fun and you get some interesting results. Here are a few I’ve made from some of my recent runs…

Get involved with The Montane Spine Race Film in 2015

Labelled as Britons most brutal race, The Montane Spine Race see’s athletes racing all 268 miles of the Pennine Way non-stop during The UK winter.  Next year (2015), Summit Fever Media have committed to filming the event but have also asked for public funding to allow them to extend their coverage and obviously improve the film. As a real sucker for…

Western Time, a Western States 100 Film by Billy Yang

There has been a lot of talk and expectation about the new film by Billy Yang, charting Sally McRae’s journey to and through this years Western States 100.  Western Time was released on YouTube earlier this week and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Watch it below and be sure to subscribe to Billy’s YouTube feed to keep up to date with…

So what is Sky Running?

So you’ve heard the term Sky Running but what actually is it? Well it’s an international series of running races held in the mountains, with most events having a VK or vertical kilometre – 1km of ascent in as short an amount of horizontal distance as possible, basically straight up! – a mountain marathon and ultra up to around 80km….

In search of that elusive ITB and TLF stretch

As you may have see from Twitter and Facebook, the end of my 2014 season has hit a few speed bumps. First a couple of races were either rescheduled or cancelled altogether, the later being my A race for 2014 so am obviously extremely disappointed. Things went from bad to worse however when I started to get some knee pain….